Welcome to WalZed

WalZed is an independent importer and wholesaler of refinish products. We differ in that we buy our products overseas and sell them direct to the end user, cutting out multiple layers of handling. 

In many areas, Australians pay considerably more than other nations for similar products and the automotive refinish industry is not immune to this phenomenon.  WalZed has worked hard to find alternate suppliers and to then pass those savings on to you.

WalZed customers enjoy savings of up to 20% off their invoiced costs, often saving them THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS PER MONTH. This is not to be confused with a discount off a trade list price, this is off your actual buying price.

WalZed is able to save customers up to 20% off their invoice cost because of these factors:

         1)         We buy products from a less expensive market.

         2)         We work on a low margin, high turnover principle.

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