About us

What is WalZed?

WalZed is an exciting company created to bring refinish products to the Australian market at affordable prices.


Is WalZed an authorised distributor?

No! WalZed is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by PPG Industries Australia Pty Ltd, the manufacturers or authorised distributors.

WalZed prides itself on its independence and without it we would never be able to save you so much money.


Why is WalZed cheaper?

In many areas, Australians pay considerably more than other nations for the same products and automotive refinish is not immune to this phenomena.   WalZed works hard to find alternate suppliers and to then pass on those savings to you.


Is WalZed’s business model legal?

Yes. Although “parallel importing” is restricted in very few industries, it is completely legal in the automotive refinish trade. In fact, the 2011 Productivity Commission’s inquiry found the arguments made by multinationals in defending price discrimination were not persuasive.


How much will I save?

WalZed customers are enjoying savings of up to 20%^ off their invoiced cost, often saving them THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS PER MONTH. This is not to be confused with a discount off a trade list price, this is off your actual buying price.


Where does the product come from?

WalZed legally sources PPG® products manufactured in Italy and the United Kingdom. 


Can I buy mixed colour?

Yes and you will make a similar saving. Minimum size is 1L and is subject to availability*.

What items are available?

Currently WalZed stocks PPG Deltron® refinish products, including tinters, clears, primers, hardeners and additives as well as Envirobase® tinters and solvents.

Lastly, we have a limited range of Sikkens® Autobase® Plus tinters. 


Does WalZed hold large stocks?

Yes. For example, for many high turnover tinters we hold up to 100 x 1L. However WalZed is currently fine tuning our stock holdings and although we endeavour to hold all items, we cannot guarantee your choice will always be available.


Is there a delivery charge?

Yes. WalZed charges $7.70 (inc GST) for Melbourne metro deliveries.  We deliver nationwide to most interstate areas for $44 inc GST per $1000 spent.


What about warranty?

To ensure we protect our customers’ interests, WalZed carries liability insurance against product defects and to meet its other consumer obligations.

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